Artist Statement

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the natural world and the place where mankind and the world he has created for himself, sits within this context. My work is often figurative, with a distinct narrative that directly references the relationship between animate and inanimate objects.

I take pleasure from making work which uses the natural landscape and then contradicts its own naturalness. By moving an object into an alternative context, or de-familiarising its natural state, I explore the juxtaposition of natural and man-made worlds as well as the potential communication and symbiotic relationship between the two.

I am constantly investigating the space between sculpture and the landscape and questioning the connotational as well as physical relationship between man-made and natural objects. I seek to create a kind of alternity – something in opposition, something which confounds; something which accommodates a difficulty requiring a new and novel solution; the resolution of an argument.

To this end, I experiment with a variety of materials. Whilst utilising that which is organic, I frequently incorporate ready-made materials and found objects, thereby discovering a balance or imbalance between nature and artifice. Whatever I do it must look fully authentic and this often involves me acquiring new knowledge or skills in order to fulfil this objective.

By appropriating elements of the landscape and transporting them to an unnatural setting, I seek to explore and exploit the tension created between reality and disbelief suspended.